Fun Camping Games For 8 Year Olds

When you are on a camping trip, the opportunity to play games can be a great way to get your kids to engage in some outdoor fun. There are several games that can be played during a camping trip, including target practice, act and react, and camouflage.

 The more adventurous can take their games to the next level by adding a competitive element to them. This post shares fun camping games for 8 year olds.

Squirt Gun Races

Make a line of empty plastic drinking cups around the edge of a picnic table to play this game. Give a squirt gun a watery filling. Squirt the cups vigorously until they tip over the edge of the table. You may clock each player to see who can clear the table first, or you can play with other people to see who can knock the most cups off the table.


Make a hopscotch grid in the ground with a stick. A little pebble is thrown by the first player into the first square; it must land there. The player then skips over the square containing the marker as they proceed through the game.

For single squares, hop with one foot, while for double squares, hop with two feet (one foot in each square). If a player hops onto a line, falls over and puts both feet or hands on the ground, or misses the square with their pebble toss, they lose their turn.

The next player goes when they have returned home safely. Every time, players start in the square where their last turn ended.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Before you leave the house, make a list of things to look for in nature or print our entertaining nature scavenger hunt list. Making your own list? Consider including things like ladybugs, clover, curiously shaped rocks, butterflies, and more. Select 10 to 15 items to search for. Form teams of two and go on a hunt. See who can locate every item on the list earliest.

Water Relay

A hilarious game for a hot day, each person will need a drinking cup to play. Players stand in line, single file. The person at the front of the line has a full cup of water, all of the other cups are empty. The first person dumps the water out over his head into the next person’s cup (without turning and looking).

The person behind tries to catch as much water as he can. Play continues down the line until the last person has caught the water in their cup – if there is any left! Then they race to the front of the line to start over…but they may need to fill their cup first.

 Camouflage is a Camping Game

Camouflage is a fun game to play on hikes or camping trips. The goal is to blend into the surroundings to avoid being spotted by a camp counselor. As the counselor shouts out names of people who can be spotted, campers must try to hide themselves and be the first to return unseen.

The game involves dividing the players into two teams. Players act out words or phrases that belong to the other team. The other team must guess the word or phrase within 60 seconds. Then, teams switch roles.

There are many different ways to play this game. Whether you’re playing with younger kids or the older ones, the kids will have fun and learn how to work as a team!

Kids can also get creative while playing the game. Instead of hiding in the shadows, campfires are an excellent opportunity for creative play. Kids can also use water-based non-toxic paints to paint rocks. The colors can easily be washed off with a little rain.

Act And React Is A Camping Game

This camping game allows you to play a role in the fun, yet realistic situation your child will be facing. Divide your group into two teams, each acting out the word or phrase that the other team tries to guess within 60 seconds. Once you’ve given each team 60 seconds to guess the word, switch roles.

Target Practice Is A Camping Game

Target Practice is an outdoor game aimed at testing your children’s accuracy at aiming water balloons. You can set up an obstacle course in the backyard or another designated space.

You can set up the obstacles in various ways, including running between two balloons, zig-zagging between two balloons, and jumping over a pile of water balloons.

If you have a large area in your backyard, you can even use chalk to draw a target on a tree trunk. Alternatively, you can set up a soda can target on a ledge and let your kids practice their shooting skills.


When you go on a camping trip with your children, why not try one of these fun camouflage camping games? This fun game teaches your kids to be stealthy and adapt to their surroundings. Just like predators, they must constantly change and learn new strategies to stay one step ahead of their prey.

If your child loves nature, you can have them paint rocks with non-toxic paints. Then, once the paint has dried, you can let the rain wash it off. You can also play a game of nature paints. Sixth Bloom and Fireflies and Mudpies both have tips on how to create camouflage art with paints.

Outdoor Twister Is A Camping Game

Outdoor twister is a game that is fun for children and adults alike. It’s a simple set-up game that involves using large letters that can be moved around to spell out words. This game is also great for teaching kids new words. Kids can play this game while enjoying nature, or with the entire family.

For this camping game, you will need a circle stencil and some spray paint. You can also use a magnetic spinner board. It’s a lot of fun and can be played anywhere until dark. You can also purchase a magnetic spinner board, which is equally as fun.

If you’re on a camping trip with a group of kids, Twister is a fun game to play. It’s a variation on the American game Twister. The rules are simple – each player stands at a distance, throws the tennis ball back and forth, and the player who misses gets one point. The player who misses twice gets two points.

Preparing for Camping Games for 8 Year Olds

Camping games for kids are fun and educational. They help teach children about nature and camping skills.

Kids love playing outdoors, especially when there’s an adventure waiting around every corner. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or just looking for something fun to do at home, these outdoor games will keep everyone entertained.

Find Out About Camping Safety Rules

It’s important to make sure that your child knows how to camp safely. There are certain rules that should be followed while camping. These safety tips will ensure that your child stays safe during their trip.

Set up Camping Equipment

Make sure that your child has everything they need before setting out on their adventure. This includes food, water, first aid kit, fire starter, matches, flashlight, and other items.

Prepare Food and Water

If you plan on going camping with your family, make sure that you pack enough food and water. You should also bring along some extra blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags so that everyone will be comfortable.

Plan Activities

Make sure that you plan out what activities you will do while camping. This includes things like hiking, fishing, swimming, playing sports, and more. It’s also a good idea to bring along some games to keep the kids entertained.

Enjoy Nature

Kids love being outdoors. If you take them camping, make sure you pack plenty of outdoor games so they can enjoy themselves. You can find lots of ideas online or at your local toy store.

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