Camping Games For Tweens

Tweens are tweenagers, kids who are 9 to 2 years old. A good camping game for tweens is a game that involves the whole group. For example, you can play Snowball fights, Fishing, or an obstacle course. These games are fun for everyone and can help make the trip more enjoyable. Camping games for tweens are also very easy to play, so your tweens are sure to have a great time.


A variety of activities can be fun on a camping trip. For example, one great activity is a story telling game. To play, teens should sit around a campfire, and then choose one teen to start the game.

The person who begins the story tells the story for about a minute, then passes the story on to the next teen in line. Each person adds a part to the story. To keep the game interesting, teens should consider different elements of the story.

Dodge Ball

Another fun activity is a game of dodge ball. In this game, players must throw a ball while squatting on their knees or elbows. The person who misses all four body parts first loses. The next player faces off against the champ. Another variation on the game of dodge ball is called circle. Players form a circle, and each member of the circle must stretch out their arms and legs.

One activity that is ideal for tweens involves a treasure hunt. Often, the treasure is a dollar store item hidden nearby. A real or simplified map will help young children locate the treasure. This skill will stay with them throughout their lives.

For an extra special touch, you can buy a Magical Flame pouch for the campfire, which will add a magical feeling. The only downside of this item is that it is not suitable for cooking, but it will add a magical feel to the experience.

Another classic game for camping is Rock, Paper, Scissors. This is a great way to get the entire family involved in the outdoors. In addition to playing together, it can also be a great way to bond with your family.

Snowball Fights

If you’re looking for a great way to entertain your campers, snowball fights can be a great way to have a great time while outdoors. These games are perfect for large or small groups. To start, everyone gets a piece of paper and writes three things they know about each other. They then scrunch it up into a ball and throw it at each other. This game can go on for as long as you want.

When it comes to snowball fights, it helps to be prepared for the weather. Generally, you’ll need at least two teams, with equal numbers of people on each team. Make sure that everyone is well-prepared with the right tools. You can also enlist the help of a few friends who can throw snowballs for you.

When it comes to snowball fights, you’ll want to establish ground rules that will protect both sides. The first team to score ten points wins. Then, make sure to set a limit on how many snowballs each team can throw. Also, make sure to state how many snowballs each team can throw at one another.

Besides being a fun way to get your kids’ hearts pumping, snowball fights are also great exercise. Not only will kids get a chance to work on their muscles, but they will also improve their balance and aim. Another benefit of snowball fights is that they help develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is an ideal way to keep kids and teens entertained and active at the same time. Create an obstacle course using items you already have around the campsite, such as tree stumps, chairs, or boxes. Divide players into teams and have them attempt to make it to the other side of the course before the timer runs out.

You can use items that you already have, such as blankets and pillows, to make a temporary obstacle course that will have your kids laughing and moving. Another fun idea is to play sleeping bag races, which are similar to potato sack races, in which the winner gets first dibs at the s’mores. These are fun for the entire family and only require a warm fire and a creative mind.

Treetop Games

You can also have fun with treetop games. This is a great way to have more campers compete for points. The higher your camper count, the more fun it will be. Make sure to choose games with a large number of participants and encourage teamwork! For more fun and excitement, you can play multiple versions of the same game.

Matching Bracelets

Matching bracelets are a great way to celebrate the friendships that have been formed during the summer. Not only do they provide a keepsake, but they are also a fun activity for teens. They are also a great way to develop motor skills. These bracelets can be made for different purposes, including for fun ID badges or icebreakers.

These can also be used as camping souvenirs. You can buy kits that allow you to make paracord bracelets for the kids. These bracelets are a fun and easy way to meet new people. Once you’ve bought the supplies, you can get to work on the bracelets.

Scavenger Hunt

Another fun activity for teenagers is a scavenger hunt. This is a great game to set up at camp and encourages creativity. Once you’ve completed it, you can share it on social media! Teens can also play a version of “What do you Meme?” involving viral memes and funny questions.

Another fun activity for teens is friendship bracelets. This craft is easy to do, appeals to both boys and girls, and requires minimal concentration. It’s also a great way to start conversations and form bonds with friends. You can find plenty of “how to” videos online and in craft stores.

Camping Olympics

Although a little imagination is needed for this camping game, there are no real restrictions. Put together a series of activities where everyone can receive a score to create your own camping olympics. We enjoy including relay races, swimming, building campfires, and blowing out sleeping mats.

If you’re very inventive, you could design your own camping olympics to put up or break records for taking down camp. Of course, make sure there is a prize for the Olympic champions.

Contain Adventure During Camping

Making s’mores and sleeping outside are only two benefits of camping excursions.

We see camping as our entry point into adventure. Every time we prepare to go camping, our teen knows we’re going off the beaten route in quest of something great. Camping offers the door to activities like whitewater rafting, hiking through a slot canyon in the desert, or peak-climbing.

Even if staying in a hotel is an option for an expedition, we prefer to camp when we go on huge adventures since it makes it simpler to connect. During an adventure, our adolescents naturally lower their defenses, and when we’re sitting around the campfire rather than in a hotel bed afterward, it’s much simpler to have a nice, in-depth chat.

Establish Technology Limits Earlier

Although no one like being told what to do, teens HATE being bossed around. While traveling as a family, technology may be a big source of conflict between adults and teenagers.

Before your travel, have a conversation about your technology policy. Talk about your travel objectives and the best ways to attain them. While some households have a strict “no screen time” rule, others are more lenient and have different objectives.

Have a family discussion about what’s best for everyone, and then have everyone accept the same boundaries (yes, that goes for mom and dad too).

Include Them In The Preparations

You want your teenagers to be really enthusiastic about your upcoming camping vacation. Include them in the action.

Let them pick the campground you stay at, the activities you participate in, and some of the meals you consume. You will be astounded by the ideas your teenagers can come up with. When we gave our kids a budget and a time limit and turned them loose on the planning, it resulted in one of our best family vacations ever.

They planned every detail of our trip, including where we would stay (and made the bookings), what we would do (which was very interesting and enjoyable), and even how much money we would spend on food so that we could splurge on some meals while eating sparingly at others.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about letting teenagers organize your camping vacation is how enthusiastic they’ll be about every aspect of it. The whole family will be having a great time before you realize it thanks to that contagious excitement.

Do not miss this experience!

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