Camp Games For Second Graders

Planning a school trip with your adorable second graders?

This post shares various camp game ideas to help you rave up the fun and energy for second graders at camp.

There are countless ways to entertain second grade campers at summer camp. You can use the outdoors to find unique games, such as bug forts.

Burg Forts

Bug forts can be constructed with leaves, twigs, and rocks. Bugs can be placed on the leaves so they can’t climb out.

You can also place a fruit or small dish of water inside. Then, when the camp is over, let the campers release the bugs. When building the bug forts, make sure that the larger materials go on the bottom and lighter materials on top.


Whether you want your campers to build their bodies, minds, or spirits, there are several fun camp games you can play at camp. Some of the games are best played with larger groups and others can be played by small teams of eight to twelve players. Just remember to keep the pace of the game low and avoid overplaying it.

Ladder Ball

To make camp fun, consider games that will engage the campers. Ladder ball is one such game. The goal of the game is to score points by throwing the bola up and down the ladder. It is played in two teams with three players each.

Each player must try to distract the other team so that he or she can score points. You can buy a portable version of this game and bring it along for the camp.

To start the activity, divide the campers into small groups. Each player starts with one line, and then adds another line. As the players continue to add lines, their ideas spread across the groups. This game also helps people to share space. It involves standing in a circle and having one person in the center.

Rules Of The Game

First, divide your group into two teams. On one side, place a ball on a stick. The other team must guess the word before the time is up. Then, the team that touched the ball first must try to come back safely. The goal of the game is to be the last one standing.

You can modify this game for older children. For example, players take turns naming animals beginning with the letter A. If a player hesitates or does not answer in time, they are out. Players can also try to challenge each other by clapping their hands when they share.

Ladder ball is a fun game that involves two teams. Players aim to score points by hurling a bola at the rungs of a ladder. The goal is to distract the other team while scoring points. For traveling, you can purchase a portable version of the game.

This game is best played in warm weather. Divide the campers into two teams, one at each end of the playing field. One team gets to throw the ball to the other, while the other team tries to catch the ball before it hits them. The winning team is the one with the most points.


Another fun game to play is ‘Camouflage’. It is best played outdoors, but can be played indoors. Players try to blend in with their surroundings to avoid being seen by the counselor. It is an excellent game to play during a hike.

It also allows for a bit of surprise fun. A variation on this game involves having the campers stand in a circle. One player puts his or her head down, and everyone else stares at him/her. If the player is caught, they have to get out of the circle and move their chairs.

For the more adventurous, there are plenty of activities available. Whether you’re camping in your backyard, or retreating to the woods, your camp is the perfect time to play fun and educational games. You can keep your kids busy during the long summer months by planning a fun family camping trip.


Another game you can play with your group is whispering. Have a volunteer whisper a phrase to another child in the circle. The others in the group must guess the phrase before they can say it out loud.

Repeat until every person in the circle has whispered the phrase. This game helps the participants to remember each other’s names.

Another game that will create great camp fun is lifeboat. In this game, kids are divided into two teams of five or six. Each team takes turns playing the game.

Each team has a rope tied around it. It can have several loops. Players on each team must try to get inside the rope before the timer ends. The challenge gets harder with each round.

Another game that works well with young children is the dog bone game. This game is easy to play with a prop and requires one camper to be the dog.

The dog must be blindfolded. Next, the facilitator chooses a person from the circle to steal the dog bone. The chosen person uses disguised voice to say “Doggy, where is my bone?” The other players then try to guess who the dog player is.

The Trick Game

To play the trick game, divide the campers into teams.

Divide them into groups of two. Each team will need to pick one person to be blindfolded and hold up a sheet with sticks on it. The goal of the game is to be the last one standing!

Treasure Hunt

One fun game is a treasure hunt. This is a fun way to engage kids in teamwork and promote cooperation. You can hide gold coins, play jewelry, or supplies for the next game.

It can also be a game of listening and communication. You can even arrange friendly competitions so that the kids can be competitive.

Another game to play is a time management game. This game helps kids learn about how important it is to manage time. Each player must complete a variety of tasks in the allotted time.

The tasks can be as simple as balancing a prop on a stick, or as complex as balancing a candies on a stick. Whatever the age group, there’s a fun game for everyone.

Kids can also use things around their camp to create carnival games. For example, they can use things from their cabin or from the outside area. You can also purchase carnival-style games and award prizes as stickers or stamps.

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Another fun game is a water balloon dodge ball. This is a great activity for hot days. If you want to introduce some friendly competition, you can have teams compete for who gets the most hits in a given time.

Two-player ambushes are another great game to play at camp. Divide the players into two teams, and the first team leaves a trail. The second team then sets out and waits five minutes.

They must try to find the first team before the time runs out. If a team is tagged, the team has to change roles. The winner of the game is the last one untagged.

Activities For Writing Collaborative Stories

Play a variety of camp games to get your second graders excited about the writing process. Try putting story ideas in jars, or even make up story prompts and place them in hats.

Another great way to get kids thinking is to use cabins to separate kids into different groups. They can then act out the story prompts as partners. Use props to add dramatic meaning.

Try starting your game with a prompting line. Students work in groups or pairs, adding to each other’s stories until they reach the end. You can also use a Google Doc with a column for each student’s name. When the students finish the story, they can move on to the next one.

Add and Pass

Another fun game to play with students is “Add and Pass,” where students add to each other’s work. This is a bit similar to improv, but requires the students to work together.

The great thing about this game is that it is very simple to set up. It can be done in Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drawings, or Flipgrid.

Writing & Conferring should take place over a period of twenty to forty minutes, so make sure to set aside sufficient time for the students to fully engage in this activity. Ensure that all students have clear expectations for the writing task.

During the writing process, second graders often face writer’s block and may have trouble deciding what to write about. However, peer conferencing can help break through writer’s block and inspire students to write with more detail.

The writing process can be fun and interactive, and camp games to get children excited about writing can help develop these skills. Some camp games involve storytelling activities, and are a great way to encourage creativity and build rapport.

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