Fun Camp Games For High School Students

If you are in a group of high schoolers, fun camp games for high school students are an excellent way to get students together and give the excursion that memorable touch.


Try camping games such as Twister, a similar game to the American classic. In this game, players stand at a distance and try to toss a tennis ball back and forth between them. When they miss, one of them must fall to one knee and the other must fall to two knees.

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is a game in which one person hides an object and the other person seeks it. The aim of the game is to find all the objects before the other person finds them. Hiders should be creative in choosing where to place their objects. It is a fun team activity where the players need to communicate and work together to find the hidden objects.

There are many versions of Hide & Seek. The classic version involves two teams of players. Each team is assigned a letter of the alphabet and a digit between one and ten. To start the game, one player starts with “a” and the next player adds their animal starting with “b.” The game gets more difficult as the team continues to switch roles.
Hide & Seek games are fun for young and old alike.

Divide a group of campers into teams of two. One child from each team should go up at a time, with sticks wrapped around them. The other players should try to steal one or two of the sticks and return safely. The game is more fun when more players play.
Hide & Seek is an old classic that is still popular among young campers. It is a fun team game for any age and can be easily customized to suit the needs of the kids in your care. Another variation is to use water pistols to “catch” the players.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag camp games for high school students are a great way to introduce new skills and encourage teamwork. With no defenders to protect, it’s easy for a well-organized attacking team to capture the flag. In this camp game, a team has one chance to steal the flag before the other team does. If it fails to do so, the team must go to jail!

To begin, divide the playing field into equal-sized territories. The teams must be evenly matched and separate by ten feet. The players in the defensive half can tag the opposing team’s players, but cannot touch the flag. The team that captures the flag returns the flag safely to the opposite side.

Capture the flag camp games for high schoolers are ideal for getting campers outdoors. This game is a great way to build teamwork and strategy, and the competitive spirit is guaranteed to be present. Capture the flag can be played during the day or at night, but if it’s dark, be sure to bring flashlights. There are commercial versions available that have lights to guide players.

To add more fun, Capture the Flag can be played in the water. Teams have played this game in kayaks, swimming pools, and lakes. If the game is played in the water, a floating flag is necessary. In these instances, players can also use water balloons instead of tagging each other.


High school students can take the Mafia role in a variety of ways, including by collaborating with one another. For example, one student may act as a police officer while another acts as a doctor. The goal is to save the person in each round before the Mafia have all the citizens killed.

Another role may be a doctor, who has the ability to save one person per round. The doctor must choose the person in silence and cannot tell the others who they are.
Then, the mafia members must communicate by using hand gestures. If they are unable to agree on a decision, they forfeit their turn. Another version of the game involves stealing from a cookie jar each night. These activities are great for fostering teamwork skills and bonding.

You can Add More Roles

Additional roles can help players gain more power. Some roles are based on the game’s theme. The Mayor and Sheriff roles can be elected each day or by a vote. The Judge and President can moderate discussion and make decisions. The Undercover Cop role, on the other hand, is an agent within the mafia, and the role of the stool pigeon may be the only one without investigative functions.

The moderator can hand-pick players for the mafia and the doctor, or he can assign them to different roles. For instance, the detective can point out a suspected mafia member, and if he is correct, the player is eliminated. The other player is not allowed to reveal his identity.


The Tie-of-War camp game is a fun way to bring a competitive element to the camp activities. The campers are divided into two teams. Each team has a set number of players and divides the field into equal halves. Each team is assigned a task to complete, such as strategically placing pins and cones. The goal is to knock down the opposing team’s pins and cones in order to win the game.

The Tie-of-War game is also great for team building. Teams of players divide into two teams and act out words and phrases from the opposing team. The opposing team then has 60 seconds to guess the words. Once the 60 seconds are up, the teams switch roles.

Spider Web

One of the most fun STEM activities to do during camp is constructing a spider web. Spiders use different types of silk to create their webs, which are used to catch prey. Students can make a spider web by creating a frame and adding a spiral to it. They must make sure to avoid large gaps, which could snag an object.

The first step is to create a rope-frame, which is usually ready to go. However, if you are unable to purchase rope-frame equipment, you can easily make one yourself out of a few pieces of rope. Another fun activity to play at camp is the rope-fence game, which involves tying barrels to ropes and fencing off an area. The challenge is to swap them without stepping on the floor or hitting the barrels.

One of the most fun games to play at summer camp is Manhunt. This game involves a team of hunters and runners. The first group has 90 seconds to hide and the other group has 90 seconds to find them. The hunters try to find them and tag them. If they find all the hiders, they win the game.

A game of manhunt is similar to the classic game of hide and seek, but is more challenging. This game is best played with a group of kids, so bring flashlights. This game can be played either outdoors or indoors. A group of players can be split into teams of four or eight.

An Obstacle Course

This is undoubtedly one of the kids’ camping games that they like the most. Due of its amusement, novelty, and energy expenditure, this is a favorite among parents and children. Depending on what you brought, you could vary up this particular game, but to get you started, here are a few suggestions:

• Crawl over the barbecue.
• Perform 10 jump jacks.
• Run through them but only to the third campground before returning!
• Step with one foot.
• Swing past the cups

Final Thoughts

Camping vacations high school students are enjoyable and memorable experiences. The fun camp games for high school students we have outlined above will bring the much valued entertainment to keep everyone engaged.

Do not miss this experience!

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