Camping Games for High School Students

Camping games for high schoolers are fun and easy to play. They’re also great for team building.

Camping games for high schools are a lot of fun! These games will keep your group busy while on vacation or at home. You just need to ensure you packed in the necessary accessories for your camp and for camping games for high school students

The First Game – Find the Hidden Object

This first camping game is called “Find the Hidden Object.” It’s a great game for kids who love to find things. You’ll need some paper plates, tape, markers, and a few other supplies.

The Second Game – Search for the Missing Item

In this second game, you’ll search for an item that has been hidden somewhere in the room. Kids will enjoy searching for the object while having fun with friends.

The Third Game – Find the Secret Code

This third game is similar to the first two, except now you’ll need to find the secret code. You’ll use the same clues as before, but you’ll need to think outside the box to figure out what each clue means.

The Fourth Game – Find the Treasure Map

In this fourth game, you’ll need to find a treasure map. It’s hidden somewhere in the woods, so you’ll need to search carefully. Once you’ve found the treasure map, you’ll need to decipher the clues on it.

The Fifth Game – Race Against Time

This fifth game is called “Race Against Time.” You’ll need to race against the clock to find the treasure before the other teams do!

For a fun camping trip, you can include healthy competition by playing some classic games. You can play Ringtoss and Would you rather, two classic carnival games, or try an obstacle course game such as S’mores the Card Game. In addition, you can incorporate the classic camping game KanJam.

Kanjam Is A Great Way To Introduce Healthy Competition Into Your Camping Trip

KanJam is an outdoor game that can be played with two or more players. Players throw a plastic disk at a target that resembles a can. When the disc hits the target and hits through the can, it gets points for the team that hits it. The first team to 21 points wins.

For the game, you will need two teams of equal size. Make sure that both teams have their flags visible in the play area. Have each team try to retrieve the other team’s flag.

If they are unable to, they will start the game up/down and will have to win the rest of the games. The first game of KanJam will be a best-of-three match, and teams will only get a chance to win if they win at least two out of three games.

Would You Rather Is A Classic Camping Game

A classic camping game that gets people together is “Would you rather?” This classic game involves asking each other silly or serious questions. If you’re not sure whether to play the game or not, try making up your own questions. Here are some suggestions for questions to use:

Ringtoss Is A Carnival Game

Ring toss is one of the most popular carnival games. This classic game is played with different types of bottles. The bottle must be large enough to fit the ring, or else the ring will bounce off the bottle. To increase your accuracy, practice the game at home before going to a fair. While most ring toss games have similar rules, each fair may have its own unique set of rules.

Ring toss has many variations. Some games use milk jugs or weighted soda bottles as catchers. A child stands back and tosses the ring at it, and if it reaches the jug, they win a prize. Other variations include catching plastic, wood, or fabric fish with a fishing pole. You can even add a treasure hunt to the event!

Ringtoss is a traditional carnival game that relies on luck. Players have five chances to “ring” a soda bottle. If they land on a soda, they are considered lucky. If they miss, they get a consolation prize. Ringtoss is an easy game to set up and can add a festive atmosphere to any carnival event.

Ringtoss can also be adapted to a school carnival. Instead of using real stuffed animals, participants donate gently used stuffed animals from home. The stuffed animals are then sorted by size, and players spin the wheel to choose which animal they want to take home. In addition to stuffed animals, a wooden ramp can be sized for small toy cars. In this race, two students compete against each other and the winner gets to keep the prize car.


A carnival is an ideal opportunity for high school students to get to know one another better. Ringtoss is a popular carnival game that encourages teamwork, communication, and socialization.

High school students will find this game fun, and it can also be challenging. The participants will have a chance to make new friends and build lasting relationships.

S’mores The Card Game Is A Challenging Obstacle Course

S’mores the Card Game is essentially a card game that attempts to recreate the fun of making s’mores. The cards are small and oversized, which lends itself to outdoor play.

The game can be competitive or as simple as draw and discard. Whether it’s a competitive game or a more simple set-collection game, S’mores is an enjoyable way to challenge high school students.

Students are challenged to use their brains and strategy to navigate the course. They use math, science, and other strategies to make the course more fun. The game also teaches students about the scientific method.

For example, students learn about the aerodynamic designs of airplanes, while others learn about the scientific method. They then build wind-powered cars, ride on human hoverboards, and bake s’mores using homemade solar ovens.

Drop, Drop, Drop

This Australian game is funny and entertaining, and it resembles the Twister video game in several respects. This teen-friendly camping game only requires a tennis ball. The ball is thrown back and forth between two people who are spaced apart from one another. They have to get down on one knee the first time one of them misses. On two knees is required for the second miss.

Then the elbows, until at least one person is tossing the ball while kneeling and using their elbows. The first player to miss the ball while laying on all four body parts loses, and the champion is challenged by another player. This outdoor adventure is Just eccentric enough to draw teen interest!

The Human Pinball Machine

Playing this game is the only thing that is more enjoyable than the name. It’s a more complex version of dodge ball than simply standing about and throwing balls. The others form a circle facing outward, with one person acting as the dodger. Their feet are in contact and their legs are spread out in a continuous circle.

This teen-friendly camping pastime has a twist because the dodger tries to hit the ball outside of the circle. To return the ball to the center, the players in the circle must bend at the waist and use their hands and arms like flippers while waving them in front of their legs. if a dodger is struck

They score a goal in pinball and go on to the next dodger. The dodger scores a point each time they strike the ball outside the circle.

Identify the killer

This game may be an amusing camping activity for teenagers despite requiring little physical exertion. Players’ numbers are written on slips of paper and placed in a hat. One has a star, one has a black dot, and the others are all blank.

On a piece of paper, each player makes a drawing that they all examine separately. The murderer is represented by the black dot, while the detective is represented by the star.

In an effort to avoid the detective noticing, the killer winks at the victims before killing them. Given that the murderer is unaware of the detective’s identity, this presents a hurdle.

Teenagers can act out their deaths as dramatically as they want after they start “dying,” which is when the fun really begins. The murderer prevails if all of the victims are killed. However, there is a good likelihood that the investigator will discover it first and claim the glory.

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